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Etsy shop open~!!


Montoz Studio Etsy shop open~!!

You can get a discounted price on SEALMON at the Etsy shop.

Come now~!!

Etsy shop open~!!2020-08-10T15:02:16+09:00

2019 China Hobby World Expo

2019 China International Hobby World Expo

2019.11.29~12.01 | Riverside Art Museum Beijing

MONTOZ STUDIO with Walking Tree

Booth no. A18

2019 China Hobby World Expo2019-12-18T14:40:25+09:00


Designer con 2019

November 22~24 | Anaheim Convention Center

MONTOZ STUDIO Booth no. 1041

DESIGNER CON 20192019-12-18T14:40:54+09:00


SOFUBI TOYS2019-12-19T17:12:01+09:00


The Death zombie GUMAKING

The GUMAKING is northern most predator of the Arctic
Every day, he makes a living by harassing his seal Coco like a toy.
Then one day, Coco appeared as a SEALMON.
And…..GUMAKING is killed by Sealmon.
GUMAKING is looking for SEALMON like a zombie, with his soul unable to escape from his body even when he is dead.

OCEAN FREAK season 1. – GUMAKING2019-12-19T16:33:52+09:00

OCEAN FREAK season 1. – Deep sea creature BROONGA

BROONGA: Friend? Or food?

After going out for a walk, Broonga was swept away by the current and chased by a killer whale.
However the killer whale is eaten by the hungry SEALMON.
So Broonga is saved life by the SEALMON.
SEALMON doesn’t pay much attention to the Broonga because he is as an ugly, tasteless food.
Broonga, in love with SEALMON, the savior of life, follows him like a friend.
The SEALMON that Broonga was bothered about eats the Broonga at a gulp.
But the Broonga is a creature that doesn’t die in SEALMON’s belly.
Broonga keeps chasing SEALMON again and again.

OCEAN FREAK season 1. – Deep sea creature BROONGA2019-12-19T16:36:38+09:00

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